Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use the files I've downloaded?

Every instructions download includes a few files for you to use.  An .LXF file, a .IO fie, a .XML file, and a .PDF file.  Let's go over each of them:

LXF: A .LXF file is a file used by LEGO's "LEGO Digital Designer" program.  If you have the program, you can open this file with it and view the model in 3D.


You may occasionally get an error stating "_ bricks could not be loaded and have been removed from the model."  This is because, since LEGO stopped releasing updated for LDD a few years ago, I use a modded version of LDD which includes parts LEGO has released since their last LDD update.  I include these parts in the model for those who also happen to have a modded version of LDD, but the model is still completely use-able without them.  If you would like to mod your LDD program to include these parts, you can find more information here.

IO: A .IO file is a file used by Bricklink's "" program.  It's a digital model building program much like LDD, but developed by fans.  I also use this program to create all of my shop renders!  You can use .IO files to view/render the model in also includes a part designer feature, which I sometimes use to add decals to parts or to add my own custom parts.  To install these parts to your program, you can open them with Bricklink's "PartDesigner" program and export the pieces to your program.

XML: A .XML file is essentially simply a parts list.  It is a text file, and can be opened with any basic text program.  This file can be uploaded to the vast majority of part ordering websites to make part ordering easy.  You can also use .LXF and .IO files for this purpose in a pinch, but a .XML file will ensure the accuracy of the part list.

*Note: .XML files may be missing from some of my models right now.  I'm working on adding them to all of my listings.  If you would like a .XML for your purchase and it's missing, please contact me and I can supply one!

PDF: The .PDF file is the instructions.  To my knowledge it can be opened by any modern computer or mobile device, but if you run into trouble simply Google-ing "how to open PDF files on *your device*" will very likely give you the answer.

Q: How do I order LEGO pieces?

Ordering LEGO pieces to build your models is pretty simple these days.  First you'll need to find a website to order from, I personally recommend either Bricklink or BrickOwl.  You'll need to make an account on whichever website you choose.

Next, you'll want to create a wish/wanted list.  This will allow you to upload your parts list.  You can view a (slightly out-dated) video tutorial for how to do this on Bricklink here, and Bricklink has posted a text-based guide on uploading XML files here.  Brick Owl has a text-based guide on how to upload part lists here.

Q: Will you make *insert suggestion here*?

The short answer is: maybe!  It's important to me that I'm only making models which I'm passionate about.  However, I am always open to suggestions!  You never know if it's something I'd be interested in making, so no harm is asking!  You can submit any suggestions through the "Contact Us" button on the bottom of this page, or by messaging/emailing me on any social media platform.

If there is enough demand, anything is possible!

Q: Some of your products are missing, where did they go?

When first built this website I decided to upload every one of my models individually, and later consolidate them as optional bundles.  However, my list of models has grown quite long since then, and in the interest of simplicity I have begun the process of consolidating my smaller models in small bundles exclusively.  Because of this, some of my models may not be available for purchase until after I finish all of the models I plan to include in their respective bundle.

If you wish to purchase an individual model, this is still an option!  Simply use the "Contact Us" button on the bottom of this page and let me know what model(s) you would like to purchase.