Ky-e bricks is the culmination of my years working with LEGO bricks.  What was once a much more private hobby has become something I want to share with the world.  Not just for myself, but also to show others that you don't have to have a lot of money or space to be able to enjoy LEGO.


All of my builds are designed digitally, as well as my decals and custom parts.  This is because I've never had the money necessary to really fund a LEGO hobby, but have always loved it anyway.  I believe that digital building tools are essential to the future of LEGO as a hobby, and will open up the floodgates to all of the underprivileged future designers out there who wouldn't be able to build otherwise.

What is ky-e bricks?

Keeping my business completely digital also helps me to be able to design the things I want to design, rather than the things that will sell.  I believe this results in a more authentic library of designs, which are higher quality and have more care put into them than would otherwise be the case.

I sell my designs as a way to help support myself, and ensure I can spend more time making even more designs.  I appreciate your support more than you can know, and hope that you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy making them. :)